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Customized Smart Ask


Smart Ask is a brand new game by Barry Hilton that can be played by two or more players (although, you can even have a great time testing your skills all by yourself)!

We’re living in a time where – thanks to the internet and the unprecedented access to information –  all the answers are literally at our fingertips. Smart Ask is there to help you ask the right questions.

No boxes, dice , pens, paper, just a deck of cards.

The game is quite simple:

A quiz broken down in 6 Categories, with 9 Question cards per category.

Each card has 6 questions and the dealer gets to pick a question which the player(s) have to answers in multiples of three. Each question has at least three answers. Some questions have a lot more.

The questions range from history to geography, commerce to entertainment. The answers are all easy to find online. The fun is in trying to get the correct (or as many as possible) answers.

Example: See if you can answer the following?
Category – Modern World
Question – Name 3 Hotel Groups based in South Africa

Answer 1 –
Answer 2 –
Answer 3 –

The same goes with all the categories and questions, the first person to answer 3 sets of questions is the winner.

Stand out from your competitors, give something exclusive to your clients, A Smart Ask game with your branding.

It’s new, it’s fun, it’s unique.

And it’s a constant reminder of your brand.

Applicable to orders of 100 units or more.

Please select a quantity before customizing your box.

100 – 499 Units @ R75.00 per box

500 Units + contact us for more information.

041 368 1236 /



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R75.00 R75.00 R75.00
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